Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No work today, ergo no progress. Somehow there is a correlation

There was zero free time today to work on the interface. Finally in the evening I could put some work into the VHDL for the fpga logic, setting up for further diagnostics when I get back out to the garage.

Fellow historic system owner Johannes Thelan has moved his IBM 1800 system into its new home and is beginning its restoration. This system includes many peripherals including 2311 disk drives. There were no ALDs with the system, logic diagrams that are essential to diagnose and repair the machinery.

Fortunately another 1800 owner, Bob Rosenbloom, has the documents for his machine. While it is not identical, lacking mag tape support for instance, its manuals would be close enough to work from. Bob made scanned versions of the manuals available to Johannes.

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