Monday, April 20, 2015

Transactional logic working and returning data, on the SAC Interface Box

Heavy work day, not too much time to play with the 1130, but I did get some coding and testing accomplished.


I came up with a new design for the logic that sends back word 2 at the end of a transaction, either an echo of what was sent or the requested data, depending on the command type we received. I built it up at lunchtime along with a few other enhancements.

I fired up the systems to test and could see that I am latching up values when I command it to load the shadow SAR, but the values showing on the lights don't seem to match what I expect. Echo works well, but also getting some unique values for certain status words. I am instrumenting the logic to help dig into this further. It is progress, even if slower than I would prefer.

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