Friday, April 24, 2015

SAC Interface fully functional, code added to load simulator files into 1130 core


My adjustments to the logic paid off, giving me correct operation of XIO Sense DSW after the PC program updated the virtual device status in its UCW, and the PC was able to update the data word in the UCW for successful retrieval by an XIO Read instruction in the 1130.

I updated the instrumentation and the PC side program to work on the Sense ILSW logic validation and to check that my shadow memory register (SAR) autoincrements after each read or write. Those tests had to wait until the late afternoon, when I set up and successfully validated the XIO Sense ILSW functionality. The SAR autoincrement is not working properly, something I would look into next..

Looking at the logic, I found a situation that would cause the SAR bump to malfunction, which I corrected. I also instrumented the SAR register onto the lights to let me visually check the correct operation of the autoincrement logic. The test ran perfectly, so that I can set the initial core address and then issue a series of words to be stored in the range of addresses beginning at the value in the SAR and continuing upward sequentially.

I decided the best initial file format to open on the PC and transfer is the 1130 simulator files stored by SIMH when memory contents are dumped. That way, I can boot in diagnostics or other complex card based files and have them sitting at the idle rest position, transfer the contents to the real 1130, and set its IAR to begin executing at the same spot.

I completed program updates on the PC to open the simulator core files, process the data and issue the appropriate commands to the 1130 to cause them to be loaded in core memory. I have a bit of testing to do tonight, without the SAC Interface Box or 1130 system, but the real testing will take place tomorrow.

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