Thursday, April 9, 2015

Some changes made to SAC Interface fpga logic while on business trip

On my way out to DC, my flight flew within about ten miles of the former home of my 1130 system, in the midst of Kansas. It was hazy enough that I couldn't see the roadways and approximate location, which might have been discernable had the air been very clear.


While flying to DC, I designed and coded the transactional FSMs as well as the messages and protocol which will be used between the PC program and the SAC Interface box. With this in place and working (and once I resolve the issue of Channel Address In that selects which word in memory I will be reading or writing) I can immediately get value from the box. First up will be a facility to load core or dump core using PC side files, in the IBM 1130 Simulator format.

I did more coding on the return flights, allowing me to begin some testing soon after arriving home. There was quite a bit of logic change to the fpga side, but it also required changes mirrored in the PC side program which is still to do.

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