Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wiring in newest driver board


By lunchtime I had the new drivers board mostly assembled, but hadn't yet begun wiring the signal lines to it. In the late afternoon, I set up again to begin the careful transfer of all the fpga lines first, since they are in the 'inside' near to the chips while the 1131 lines attach along the outer edges. This version of the board allowed me to connect the individual signal grounds near the signal connections.

By evening, all forty FPGA lines were installed and I had begun on the 1131 lines. Seven of the 41 output lines are installed along with their grounds, Tomorrow I can continue until the board is ready to test.

Meanwhile, I could run the 'flashbench' example to determine whether the fgpa board and its flash chip is working properly. It fails trying to write to the flash chip, which is pretty definitive for a hardware problem with that chip (or the USB interface chip). I will post these results to the board maker and see what they recommend.

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