Sunday, February 1, 2015

Card reader interface construction almost totally complete


Did more work on the PC side program for my round of enhancements, most of which support card images used with the IBM 1130 Simulator. I haven't worked out a 'ruler' capability that satisfies me, which would make it easy to determine the exact card column in which each character on screen will be punched.


I had the interface about 85% wired by mid-afternoon, although I still need one socket (for the 28 pin SX28A microcontroller) as I don't want to directly solder the chip onto the board. The major remaining wiring is the connection of the leads I installed that connect to the Documation card reader cable - just a matter of stripping the ends and soldering them onto the physical connector board I have inside my 1130 replica card reader controller enclosure.

I proceeded to verify the lack of short circuits, the correctness of connections, scanned for any missing links, and prepared a mounting location for the interface I build inside the enclosure. Once I received the last socket in the early evening, I soldered it in,

I had a party to attend at night, but was almost completely done wiring it into the enclosure. I could be ready for power up test and programming of the microcontroller on Sunday morning after just a few final connections and checks.


I used a 2x4 and a hydraulic jack to push the shed into correct alignment, then retightened all the screws I had loosened for the upper portion. It bent back partway, so not yet good enough, but the problem is down to about 20% of the magnitude of the original problem. I will continue battling until it is reasonably close. 


  1. (don't think this comment made it on the first try)
    Ruler is great, but could/do you also display the card column somewhere, lmaybe the bottom of the screen)?

  2. I shied away from that at first because the bottom of the screen has my status information with quite a bit displayed already, but that is an option I should try, in order to pick the approach that appeals most to me. Thank you for the suggestion.