Friday, February 13, 2015

Read all damaged cards, continuing with good cards in DMS V2R12 deck


I worked on the most damaged group of cards, slowly reading small batches as I straightened the leading edge damage. I ran into problems with a batch that had leading edge damage which was lighter than most of the group, but had trailing edge damage which tore the edge of the card at column 81, sufficiently to trigger spurious read checks. None of them had a tear far enough into the card to appear as a false hole in column 80, but the error checking logic of the Documation caught the damage.

This small batch of about 8 cards with trailing edge tearing is followed by a larger batch with only leading edge problems. I should be able to read the rest of the decks as long as I can get through these. At worst case these are cards I will have to hand-duplicate by using multipunch on the 029.

Late this afternoon I went back to the cards and, with great care, managed to get them all read successfully. I am well past the damaged section and can now rapidly read large batches at a time. Once I have the entire system deck captured, I can go through it and separate the binary files into the numbered phases.

My goal is to have all the parts of a system load or reload deck as separate files, which can be 'stacked' in the card reader of the 1130 simulator to run. As well, they can be combined as physical cards and run on a physical 1130 to load a real disk cartridge.

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