Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Traveling until Thursday, sourcing option to replace SAC Interface fpga board

I am on the road for a few days, back by Thursday afternoon. While I am away I don't expect to accomplish anything toward the 1130 project.


Since it is possible that my Digilent FMC Carrier S6 fpga board, at the heart of the interface box, has become inoperable, I did a bit of searching for alternatives. Digilent discontinued the board shortly after I bought it, making a direct replacement unlikely - none are on ebay at this time.

I need a high IO count board to support the 77 signals over the SAC interface plus a reasonable number of signals to whatever devices I control with the box. This rules out many of the more common development boards.

I did come across the ZTEX line of boards which will provide 100 input-output signals using a Spartan 6 fpga. The USB firmware and software on a PC is not the same as with the Digilent board, but it does appear it would fit the bill. At 89 euros, it is less expensive than the Digilent original.

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