Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reading six boxes of cards and sharing all complete, usable files

I spent time at the Digital Game Museum to day, to help with a large influx of helpers who were present to accession objects into the collection and do other tasks. Several of the board members who are usually available on Saturdays are away or tied up elsewhere, but I was able to get down and pitch in. This included bringing in five boxes of pizza to feed everyone at lunchtime, which otherwise would have brought the number of museum officials down to one while the other waited for the food. By late afternoon I was back home and able to return to my 1130 activities.


Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon I will be bringing the tape to my friend's workshop to try to read it. Fingers crossed, we will have some interesting additional source code.


A fellow member of the CHM 1401 restoration team, Stan Paddock, asked a very astute question about my modification of the Documation reader to properly read card stock that has the diagonal cutaway on the right rather than left side. Based on that, I realized that a much smaller modification was possible to resolve the same problem with almost zero additional impact on the ability of the card reader to detect failures to read correctly.

I continued to read in card decks, clean them up and organize them for sharing with other 1130 fans. Most of the decks I handled today were line printer art or games. A few have missing files or cards I need to rescan, but most were easy to post for others to download. Overall I read some 12,000 cards through the reader and processed the many files that it comprised.

Some programs I found tried to link with or call other code that I hadn't yet read and uploaded. I am making notes of all of this so that eventually I can complete the original programs and try them out.

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