Sunday, February 15, 2015

Finished internal wiring of data center shed, constructing 7000 lumen LED lights, plus work with card decks I recently read.


One member of the 1130 group on Google began working with the software to make the 1130 produce songs on a nearby radio, but he found that one of the data cards had suspect values. I had to dig out the deck again and reread it with verification in order to post the correct version.


Needed another run to a shop for fine tuning the parts as I put together the wiring, Sunday morning, then worked solidly until the heat and exhaustion sent me indoors for a break. After fifteen minutes of down time, I was back out there working hard on the project.

Originally, I just copied the plug and socket used by the 1131 processor - but that is pure 240V - the two hot legs and ground - when I need the neutral wire brought out in order to deliver 120V for lighting, keypunches and other machinery.  After a quick purchase of the proper four lug plugs (L14-20), I could bring all the proper voltages out to the shed's load center where breakers power the 240V L6-20 socket for the 1131 system, plus 120V outlets and a 120V lighting circuit. 

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