Saturday, February 14, 2015

continued work on the shed and reading card decks


I finished all of the system load/reload decks, then moved on to some other decks in the trays. Several of the 1130 programs shared by IBM, such as card utilities, sort programs and sample decks to test the assembler/compilers, were read and prepared for sharing.

Breaking the system load/reload decks into phases is quite a bit of work as it yields about 200 separate binary files. I put in many hours carefully splitting and verifying the condition of the files. It should be ready to post tomorrow.


It was a very balmy day, perfect for working on the shed power. I spent the afternoon outside doing this, including the need to take a run to a store to buy quite a few small items I realized I needed. This evening I put together the first 100W LED light array, producing a very strong light and no detectable heat during the short interval it was lit. 

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